Educational links fostered with Punjab college

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As part of a programme of developing partnerships with a limited number of carefully selected universities, a delegation from Queen’s University Belfast (QUB), Northern Ireland’s oldest university, visited Punjab recently. The delegation visited Cordia Educational Campus at Sanghol. The purpose of the visit was to observe the work of the educational trust established by Lord Diljit Rana, Honorary Consul for India in Northern Ireland, to promote rural education and develop a sustainable economic future for that area. In the course of the visit, opportunities were identified by the QUB team to support rural leadership and teacher training at Sanghol. Future collaboration is likely to focus on developing the nursing and social care courses at the Sanghol centre and the development of science and technology on that campus. QUB is a research-driven university with a world-class research and education portfolio. It is a member of the Russell Group of top 20 researchintensive universities in Britain. It has an annual budget of $460 million and QUB has 17,500 students from more than 80 countries, including many from India. Trevor Newsom, QUB director, Research and Regional Services, and Professor Satish Kumar, QUB director of the university’s India initiative, visited Sanghol.

Period01 Aug 2008

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Media contributions