Environmental Justice Network Ireland Briefing Paper Series

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I have co-authored a series of briefing papers with colleagues at the Environmental Justice Network Ireland (EJNI) (www.ejni.net), including: 


Briefing Paper No. 1. Delivering Environmental Justice in Northern Ireland and on the island of Ireland - A briefing for the Department of Justice NI, with Ciara Brennan, James Orr, Peter Doran, Alison Hough, Dean Blackwood and Laura Neal. 


Briefing Paper No. 2. The Cross-cutting nature of a public inquiry into illegal waste disposal in Northern Ireland - a briefing for the Northern Ireland Executive, with Dean Blackwood, Ciara Brennan, Peter Doran, James Orr, Alison Hough and Laura Neil, October 2020.


Briefing Paper No. 3. Aarhus Centres on the island of Ireland - A briefing for civil society, with Ciara Brennan, Alison Hough and Peter Doran, November 2020. 


Period01 Sep 2020

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Media contributions


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