Irish Examiner Article/'That’s not another dogfish!' Giant sixgill shark filmed off Clare coast

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Newspaprt article discussing filming of giant sixgill shark off the Co Clare coast- the first in daylight in shallow water

Period30 Oct 2021

Media contributions


Media contributions

  • Title A team of marine biologists from Trinity College Dublin, Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) and Fjordstrong have filmed a giant sixgill shark swimming in Irish coastal waters — in what is a European first. These large, prehistoric-looking sharks typically inhabit deep, dark waters off the continental shelf (at depths of 200-2,500metres). However, there are a few special sites discovered off County Clare, by local charter skipper, Luke Aston, where these apex predators can be found in relatively shallow water (50-60m).
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    Media name/outletIrish Examiner
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    DescriptionNewspaper article highlight filming sixgill sharks in Irish waters
    Producer/AuthorCAROLINE DELANEY
    PersonsPatrick Collins


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