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  • Kate Kenny

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The Work Society and Governance research cluster aims to support and encourage research into social, cultural, political and economic issues relating to the world of work, society and governance. Topics include industrial relations, workplace resistance, employment engagement, identity and culture at work, workplace regulation, organisational governance, international business and society, workplace diversity, workers’ rights, trade unions and corporate social responsibility.

The cluster draws on research strengths across NUI Galway including management, sociology, political science, law, economics, psychology and health promotion, and supports and enables exchange of knowledge and ideas between members.

“We are interested in showing the world of work and organisations as more than just a management problem and to support the development of better, healthier, more fair workplaces,” says cluster leader Dr Kate Kenny.

A timely piece of research led by Dr Kenny involves the organisational culture in banking and how it makes it difficult for individuals to speak out. “For the past two years I have been speaking to whistle-blowers in the banking sector in Ireland, the UK, and the US who have been unsuccessful in being heard in their own workplaces and have had to go to the media. What I have found is that the most important and difficult change to make will be to the culture of the organisations themselves.”

Period19 Nov 2012

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Media coverage