Life as a Stranger – new report on daily lives of migrants in Craigavon

  • Ruth McAreavey

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A new research study has reported on the experiences of local migrant workers in accessing and using local statutory services in Craigavon. Co. Armagh.

The report includes accounts from members of a Polish women’s group in Craigavon and tells of the challenges they face when accessing local services like health, social security and education. Cultural misunderstandings, shortages of language interpreters, gaps in service delivery; are just some of the issues identified in the report.

The report was the result of a partnership involving Queen’s, Southern Health & Social Care Trust, PEACE III Challenge of Change and Craigavon Intercultural Programme. The research was funded by the Nuffield Foundation and conducted by Dr Ruth McAreavey, from the School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering at Queen’s University.

Dr. Ruth McAreavey presented the main findings of the ‘Life as a Stranger’ report to an audience including the Deputy Mayor of Craigavon Councillor, Kieran Corr and Mr. Jerome Mullan, Honorary Polish Consulate.


Period22 Sep 2010

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Media coverage

  • TitleLife as a Stranger – new report on daily lives of migrants in Craigavon
    PersonsRuth McAreavey