SDLP concerned following new QUB stop and search research

Period23 May 2018

Media coverage


Media coverage

  • Title McCusker says new ‘stop and search’ data is concerning
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    DescriptionSDLP Councillor Paul McCusker has said positive relationships between young people and the PSNI are key to maintaining harmony within communities. The Councillor for the Oldpark DEA in North Belfast said it is extremely concerning that results from the latest Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey (NILT) show that it is young people from urban, socio-economically less well-off backgrounds who are experiencing proportionately more ‘stop and search’ by PSNI officers.
    Cllr McCusker said:

    “It is extremely worrying that young people from socially deprived backgrounds are disproportionately subject to PSNI ‘stop and search’, and it is even more worrying that 37% of 16 year-olds feel that the PSNI treat young people from less affluent backgrounds unfairly.

    “With the recent increase of ASB in certain hotspots in North Belfast, it is vitally important that we all realise the role we can play to engage more positively with young people. But given these figures, I would urge the PSNI to do all they can to build positive relations with young people.

    “This data is compounded by recent NISRA figures that highlight a number of wards in North Belfast to be the most socially deprived in Northern Ireland. We want to build a society were young people have an accessible pathway to a positive future, where they can fulfil their hopes and dreams, not one were they are labelled with deprivation and targeted unfairly."
    PersonsJohn Topping, Dirk Schubotz


Title2018 ARK YLT and KLT launch
LocationQueen's University, Belfast, Belfast, United Kingdom
Period23 May 2018 → 23 May 2018


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