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'Law professor Luke Moffett says that the film reflected the problems have long been analyzed by reputable scientists and engineers.

"Artificial intelligence improvement could mean the end of the human race ... They become independent, susiprojektuotų again, it is - a growing colony of rats," - warns Professor Stephen Hawking. American business magnate, philanthropist and inventor Bill Gates also expressed concern about a possible invasion of robots and entrepreneur, creator Elon Musk donated ten million dollars to prevent the threat that provokes artificial intelligence and its singularity - a hypothetical future moment, there will be a "superintelektas" and will be held unprecedented rapid technological progress.

"Their fear-based technology singularity theory, which concludes that an advanced artificial intelligence system will exceed the capacity of the human population. In this case, the artificial intelligence will become very powerful. He will have the opportunity to develop and rewrite their software systems, leaving us and unwanted competitors "overboard". Such trends, perhaps, not in the distant future, as is often assumed. Artificial intelligence and robots are already used in the factory basement to voice recognition systems intelligently phones. The drone Predator use in Yemen, Pakistan and Syria proves that people still controlled robots can be deployed and the destruction of life, "- Luke Moffett share insights.'

Period17 Jul 2015

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Media coverage