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Published in Queen's Now - Summer 2011 Edition


A new series of books which will act as a revision aid for nursing students has been published.

Launched in the Bookshop at Queen’s, the series entitled Nurses! Test Yourself….is edited by Dr Katherine Rogers and Dr William Scott from the School of Nursing and Midwifery.

Katherine and Bill have also written the first three books in the series, published by McGraw-Hill, Open University Press. They are called:

  • Nurses!  Test yourself in Anatomy & Physiology
  • Nurses!  Test yourself in Pathophysiology
  • Nurses!  Test yourself in Essential Calculation Skills

Katherine and Bill said: “The idea for these books was conceived due to demand from our students to provide them with multiple choice questions that complement their lecture themes.

“We set out to provide students with relevant and informative short questions as a revision aid for exams as our students routinely ask for more multiple choice questions (MCQs) to challenge themselves in their revision.

“The main problem with many traditional textbooks is that texts are more focussed on the theory with only a few brief questions at the end of each chapter.  Prior to our Series, the MCQ self-test type books that existed were not written with nursing students in mind – they are primarily targeted at medical students, whose requirements are very different from nursing students.”

The Series focuses on questions and more importantly, the answers to specific subject areas.  Each answer provides a detailed explanation rather than the usual one word answer or “A, B C or D” since in order to fully learn from a question, students need to understand the answer.   In this format the student can use the answers to learn from and consolidate the key points from their lectures.

Throughout the books a 'plain-English' approach to language is used that is easy to understand. There are also links to the practice aspects of nursing so that students will appreciate the links between theory and their experience in clinical practice.

Rachel Crookes, the Senior Commissioning Editor for Nursing & Health at Open University Press, part of McGraw-Hill Education, said:“I’d like to take the opportunity to congratulate Katherine and Bill on the launch of their series of test books. They have worked tirelessly on these three books to ensure they are challenging for the reader (but not too challenging!), engaging to use and that they offer something new to nursing students. I’ve been so impressed with their attention to detail – in fact they have raised the bar to new highs, which is bad news for the rest of my authors!”

The first three books published in the Series are now being adapted by experienced lecturers in paramedic practice to modify the content for students of paramedic science.  These are due for publication in Autumn 2011.  Three more titles have already been commissioned for the Series which are due to be published next year.

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