Northern Ireland secondary students work with leading scientists on salty research

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From sustainable fashion to space exploration, ionic liquids have been heralded as the UK innovation most likely to shape the 21st century. Their interesting properties and wide-ranging applications could revolutionise industrial processes, capturing hazardous contaminants from gases, capture and storage of CO2, or dissolution and processing of waste biomass.


IRIS has teamed up with Queen’s University Ionic Liquids Laboratories (QUILL)  – the oldest and most established centre dedicated to studying ionic liquids – to immerse 50 secondary students from schools across Northern Ireland into the study of the liquid salt as part of the pilot project Ionic Liquids: Towards Greener Fragrances. A spin-off of IRIS Ionic Liquids, the charity hopes to launch the project to all UK schools in the 2022-2023 academic year.

Period21 Oct 2021

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Media contributions