Nurture groups improve social, emotional and behavioural outcomes for children.

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This article focuses on the findings of the evaluation of nurture group provision in Northern Ireland. 

Period23 Sept 2016

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Media contributions

  • TitleNurture groups improve social, emotional and behavioural outcomes for children
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    School `nurture groups' are improving social, emotional and behavioural outcomes among children from some of the most deprived areas, a report has found.

    The Centre for Evidence and Social Innovation at Queen's University Belfast yesterday published its report into the impact of the units in primary schools.

    The concept of nurture groups has been widely developed across the UK to address behavioural needs within schools, offering a safe and welcoming environment to promote learning and positive behaviours.

    They are recognised as playing a key role in tackling under-achievement early in a child's life by providing targeted support.
    Producer/AuthorSimon Doyle
    PersonsSeaneen Sloan, Karen Winter, Fiona Lynn, Paul Connolly