Publicity on Establishment of UK-China Consortium on Engineering Education and Research

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As a key member of QUB team, we are leading six UK Russel Group universities (UCL, Warwick, Cardiff, Birmingham, Nottingham) to build the only government supported consortium on Engineering Educattion and Research with nine top Chinese Universities. We set up two secretariats, steering committee and management committee. We also organised a number of events, including two UK partners' meetings, one pre-launch meeting with all partners (40 people), launch ceremony (100 people), two workshops (40 people), Future Engineers and Leadership Innovation Academy (26 students), and Joint Declaration on Establishing the UK-China University Consortium on Engineering Education and Research at the UK-China High-Level People to People Dialogue (witnessed by Mr Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health, and Ms Yandong Liu, vice premier of China, at London in Dec 2017). These events and activities were widely published on the websites of QUB and the other 14 universities, social media (e.g. wechat), TV news of Jiangsu province China, Jiangsu newspapers, China Central TV, China Direct, News Daily, Business LINK East Midlands, etc. These create significant national and international impact, and dramatically increase Queen's recognition and reputation.

Period09 Feb 2017 → 07 Dec 2017

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Media contributions