SET for Britain poster competition at the Houses of Parliament

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Two young researchers from Queen's have been selected to showcase their work at the Houses of Parliament as part of SET (science engineering and technology) for Britain 2014.

Dr Andrew Brown is a newly appointed lecturer in theoretical physics and Matt Nicholl is a second year PhD student in astrophysics.  Both are from the School of Mathematics and Physics and were chosen from hundreds of applicants to appear in Parliament at the competition in March.

SET for Britain is a poster competition in the House of Commons which is judged by professional and academic experts.  The annual event gives MPs an opportunity to engage with a wide range of the country's best young researchers.

Dr Brown's research concerns the theory of ultrafast electron dynamics in laser atom interactions, and his poster 'Watching electrons move- 
ultrafast dynamics in multielectron atoms' draws on his doctoral research at QUB.  Mr Nicholl's poster discusses his recent paper in Nature on the nature of the brightest supernovae in the Universe. Both posters have been entered into the Physics section of the competition.

This years success for Andrew and Matt follow on the back of another two Queen's researchers who were selected for the competition last year.  Dr Gianluca Sarri, also from the School of Mathematics and Physics, and Roberto Caporali, an industrial research student in the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, both participated in last year’s competition.

Period14 Feb 2014

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