Stop and search on the rise in Northern Ireland to little effect, data shows

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The Police Service of Northern Ireland is the only force in the UK where the use of stop and search powers are on the rise, new data has revealed.

But the first ever study of the PSNI’s stop and search powers found that very few arrests result from the policy.

As constabularies in Britain discuss the efficacy of stop and search on the streets of England and Wales as a response to rising knife crime, researchers claim there has been a dramatic 74% increase in PSNI officers using these powers in Northern Ireland since 2005 – a figure the regional police force disputes.

Period04 Sep 2019

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Media contributions


TitlePatten 20 Years On: Young People, Policing and Stop and Search
LocationQueen's University, Belfast, Belfast, United Kingdom
Period04 Sep 2019 → 04 Sep 2019


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