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  • Keith Jeffery

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Nigel Clive

in the SIS

Sir, – In his review of Target Italy by

Roderick Bailey (July 18), James

Pettifer implies that Nigel Clive,

“who moved smoothly from underground

work in Greece to a Cold

War career in SIS”, was initially

employed by Special Operations

Executive (SOE).

On the contrary, Clive was an

SIS man from the start. One of his

party pieces, never to be forgotten

by those who witnessed it, was his

dramatic rendering of the circumstances

in which his SIS predecessor

in Greece in 1943, an

alleged Greek-American called

Costa Lawrence, was shot dead by

an SOE officer, an Irishman named

Spike Moran. Pettifer remarks on

wartime British inter-agency rivalries,

though this was perhaps taking

things to extremes.


School of History and


Queen’s University, Belfast.

Period25 Jul 2014

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