What Is Frontotemporal Dementia?

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Media interview for major American news outlet on the topic of frontotemporal dementia.

Period18 Apr 2019

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Media contributions

  • TitleWhat is Frontotemporal Dementia?
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    Media name/outletUS News
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    Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
    Description"Frontotemporal dementia is the most common type of frontotemporal degeneration, an umbrella term for a handful of unusual disorders that typically erode the frontal and temporal parts of the brain. The frontal lobes of the brain are located just behind the forehead and deal with speech, behavior, problem-solving, planning and control of emotions, says Gary Mitchell, a lecturer in education at the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Queen's University Belfast in Belfast in Northern Ireland. The temporal lobes are associated with recognizing faces and the meaning of words, as well as the ability to name familiar objects. "Usually the frontal lobe of the brain is most commonly affected in the early stages of frontotemporal dementia, (which) can affect behavior and personality," Mitchell says."
    Producer/AuthorRuben Castaneda
    PersonsGary Mitchell


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