A simulation of the agglomeration of 55 MNPs suspended in water at 300K

  • James Cook (Creator)



The initial agglomeration of 55 10nm radius magnetic nanoparticles in a periodic box, suspended in a fluid with the viscosity of water at 300K. As the simulation progresses the particles start to coalesce however the simulation is too short to see the formation of longer chains of MNPs.

The spherical mesh represents the size of the particles (10nm radius), the central black sphere is the centre of the MNPs. The periodic box is 1000nm along each edge. The simulation time of the video is 3.3 × 10^4 ps.

Contact person is author. E: jcook05@qub.ac.uk
Date made available09 Jun 2020
PublisherQueen's University Belfast
Date of data production02 Dec 2019

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