ACS Catalysis February 2016 Cover Art

  • Kevin Morgan (Contributor)
  • Jamal Touitou (Other)
  • Jae-Soon Choi (Contributor)
  • Ciaran Coney (Other)
  • Christopher Hardacre (Other)
  • Josh A. Pihl (Contributor)
  • Mi-Young Kim (Other)
  • Cristina Stere (Other)
  • Caomhan Stewart (Other)
  • Alexandre Goguet (Other)
  • W.P. Partridge (Creator)



The development and optimization of catalysts and catalytic processes requires knowledge of reaction kinetics and mechanisms. In traditional catalyst kinetic characterization, the gas composition is known at the inlet, and the exit flow is measured to determine changes in concentration. As such, the progression of the chemistry within the catalyst is not known. Technological advances in electromagnetic and physical probes have made visualizing the evolution of the chemistry within catalyst samples a reality, as part of a methodology commonly known as spatial resolution. A recent perspective article by QUB and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Morgan et al., ACS Catalysis 2016, vol 6, 1356-1381) on this field of catalytic research was recently published and has been highlighted as the cover artwork of the February 2016 issue of ACS Catalysis
Date made available05 Feb 2016
PublisherAmerican Chemical Society
Date of data production01 Feb 2016

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