BCLAF1 Chip-chip control (siGFP) and BRCA1 depleted (siBRCA1) 293T cells in the absense or presense of Etoposide



BCLAF1 is a serine-arginine (SR) protein implicated in transcriptional regulation and mRNA splicing. We have recently identified BCLAF1 as part of a novel mRNA splicing complex that is recruited to different genetic promoters by the breast cancer susceptiblity protein, BRCA1 in response to DNA damage. This ChIP-chip study was designed to identify genes/promoters regulated by the BRCA1/BCLAG1 mRNA splicing complex by identifying promoters bound by BCLAF1 in the absense and presense of BRCA1 in control cells and cells treated with etoposide to induce DNA damage. This study includes tripicate BCLAF1 ChIP-chip experiments in untreated and etoposide treated (1uM 16 hours) control cells (siGFP) and cells depleted of BRCA1 (siBRCA1).
Date made available25 Apr 2014
PublisherGene Expression Omnibus
Date of data production26 Apr 2014

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