Concert life in Dublin in the age of revolution vol 2. A detailed listing of the concert life of Dublin in the late eighteenth century

  • Derek Collins (Creator)



Concert life of Dublin in the late 18th century. This incredibly valuable dataset reconstructs the lively theatrical life of Dublin in the period 1792-1814, during the age of revolution. This material has been painstakingly sourced from newspaper and journals of the period.

This dataset has been extracted from supplementary content (Vol. 2) of the connected thesis by the author. This thesis assesses the decline and revival of concert activity in Dublin in the period 1792 to 1814. The social, economic and political influence on musical life of landmark domestic events, the 1798 Rebellion and the 1800 Act of Union, is examined together with that of the wider European context of the Napoleonic Wars.

Dataset includes:
Chronology of concerts in Dublin, 1792-1814
Previews and reviews Dublin, 1792-1814
Patrons of Dublin Theatre, 1792-1814
Date made availableJul 2022
PublisherQueen's University Belfast

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