Dataset for "A quantum fluctuation theorem for dissipative processes"



Dataset underpinning the research article: "A quantum fluctuation theorem for dissipative processes."

We present a general quantum fluctuation theorem for the entropy production of an open quantum system coupled to multiple environments, not necessarily at equilibrium.

Such general theorem, when restricted to the weak-coupling and Markovian regime, holds for both local and global master equations, corroborating the thermodynamic consistency of local quantum master equations.
The theorem is genuinely quantum, as it can be expressed in terms of conservation of a Hermitian operator, describing the dynamics of the system state operator and of the entropy change in the baths.
The integral fluctuation theorem follows from the properties of such an operator.

Furthermore, it is also valid when the system is described by a time-dependent Hamiltonian. As such, the quantum Jarzynski equality is a particular case of the general result presented here. Moreover, our result can be extended to non-thermal baths, as long as microreversibility is preserved. We present some numerical examples to showcase the exact results previously obtained.

We finally generalize the fluctuation theorem to the case where the interaction between the system and the bath is explicitly taken into account. We show that the fluctuation theorem amounts to a relation between time-reversed dynamics of the global density matrix and a two-time correlation function along the forward dynamics involving the baths’ entropy alone.

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Date made available2022
PublisherQueen's University Belfast
Date of data production2022

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