Dataset for "L-shell X-ray conversion yields for laser-irradiated tin and silver foils"



Raw data and spreadsheets for a paper of the same title to be published in the Journal Laser and Particle Beams. Authors are R. Singh et al. Data was taken at the VULCAN laser facility in 2019.

Abstract of paper:
We have employed the VULCAN laser facility to generate a laser plasma X-ray source for use in photoionisation experiments. A nanosecond laser pulse with an intensity of
order 1015 Wcm−2 was used to irradiate thin Ag or Sn foil targets coated onto a parylene substrate, and the L-shell emission in the 3.3 − 4.4 keV range was recorded for both the laserirradiated and non-irradiated sides. Both the experimental and simulation results show higher laser to X-ray conversion yields for Ag compared with Sn, with our simulations indicating yields approximately a factor of two higher than found in the experiments. Although detailed angular data were not available experimentally, the simulations indicate that the emission is quite isotropic on the laser-irradiated side, but shows close to a cosine variation on the non-irradiated side of the target as seen experimentally in previous work.

The dataset files SummaryofFoilShotdetails.csv and SummaryofFoilShotdetails.xlsx contain a guide to the shot conditions for each shot. The accepted draft of the paper included, with same title has a description of the different shot types.

Si2 shots are the front side flat crystal and Si3 shots are the rear side. These are all 16bit files best opened with imageJ (open access software) or equivalent. East and West pinholes indicated the the accepted paper. XRSC files are the X-ray streak camera data. The sif files are an andor specific format and require their software to open. Here, these sifs are equivalent files saved in more open formats.
Date made available2022
PublisherQueen's University Belfast
Date of data productionOct 2019 - Nov 2019

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