Dataset for "Main-belt and Trojan Asteroid Phase Curves from the ATLAS Survey"



This dataset contains the supplementary data for the manuscript "Main-belt and Trojan Asteroid Phase Curves from the ATLAS Survey" by Robinson et al. 2024, published in MNRAS. In this work the phase curve properties of Main-belt and Jupiter Trojan asteroids was investigated using photometry spanning from December 2015 to January 2022 obtained by the ATLAS survey, which surveys the sky in the wide band orange and cyan filters. As described in the manuscript, phase curve models (Bowell et al. 1989, Penttilä et al. 2016) were fit to each apparition of an asteroid in the ATLAS data. This results in a dataset of phase curve parameters for 106055 unique asteroids, which we present here to enable investigations concerning the physical properties of asteroids. With these absolute magnitudes and phase parameters one can assess the size, as well as colour and surface scattering properties (which are related to composition), of asteroids in the main-belt and Jupiter Trojan dynamical groups. Furthermore, we have fit phase curves to individual apparitions of each asteroid, allowing us to assess any shifts in absolute magnitude which may have been caused by rotational spin state effects. Here we provide a set of data tables, which are complete versions of the sample tables provided in the manuscript. Table 1 summarises the photometry and orbital elements of all asteroids investigated in this study. Table 2 provides details of the phase curve fits for each apparition of every asteroid. Tables 3 and 4 contain the overall phase curve parameters for the Bowell et al. 1989 and Penttilä et al. 2016 models respectively.
Date made available04 Apr 2024
PublisherQueen's University Belfast
Date of data production04 Apr 2024

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