Dataset for "Novel Colour-Based, Prototype Indicator for Use in High- Pressure Processing (HPP)"



Data set to accompany paper "Novel Colour-Based, Prototype Indicator for Use in High- Pressure Processing (HPP)".

Abstract for paper:
The preparation and testing of a colour-based prototype indicator for high-pressure processing (HPP) are described. The indicator is a layered structure comprising a pressed disc of a mixture of silica gel, which has been previously loaded with a set wt% of acidified water, and polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE, powders, a water-permeable barrier layer, and a Congo-Red-based pH indicator layer, all vacuum-sealed in a water impermeable plastic film. The value of the wt% is calculated from the ratio of the mass of acidified water added to the mass of originally dry silica gel. The high pressures associated with HPP drive the release of the acidified water from the silica gel and its subsequent transport through the water-permeable barrier layer to the pH indicator, thereby producing a striking red-to-blue colour change. The response of the HPP indicator can be tuned to different HPP conditions by varying the wt% of acidified water used to load the silica gel powder. Indicators, with 61, 63, and 65 wt% acidified water loaded silica gel, are prepared and found to require, respectively, the application of at least, 600, 400, and 300 MPa pressure for 3 min to effect a change colour. To our knowledge, this is the first reported example of a prototype HPP indicator that can be tuned to respond to the very different pressure and time conditions used in HPP to sterilise such very different products as milk, apple and orange juice, and aloe vera gel.
Date made available01 Jul 2021
PublisherQueen's University Belfast
Date of data production01 Jul 2021

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