Dreaming protected me

  • Fionnuala Fagan-Thiebot (Creator)



Live recording of Fionnuala Fagan (sound/installation artist) with the following tracks:
*A Place Like This (performance footage)
*Childhood Memories (performance footage)
*The Classical Pianist (performance footage)
*My Name is Irma Saje (performance footage)
*Post-show discussion

Dreaming Protected Me: Voices (sound recordings) in Zip folder. Contains the following:
*Things you need to know
*It was war
*Direct Footage
*Happy Birthday
*That's My Memory
*During the Siege
*Violence Can Be Subtle
*You Can Survive Anything
*Sandra Bagaric
*Defending the Life
*Wee Children
*Growing Bigger

This work explores how divergent sound-art practices can represent oral history narratives found in post-conflict societies, such as Northern Ireland and Bosnia.
Date made available2014
PublisherQueen's University Belfast

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