Fine grained vehicle classification dataset for You Only Look Once (YOLO)



This is a dataset used to train a neural network

This is an 8-class dataset for vehicle classification using You Only Look Once (YOLO) v3. YOLO is an object detector that locates objects in images.

The classes in the dataset are are
(1) car
(2) bus
(3) van
(4) 2-Axle Truck/HGV
(5) 3-Axle Truck/HGV
(6) 4-Axle Truck/HGV
(7) 5-Axle Truck/HGV &
(8) 6-Axle Truck/HGV.
There are also negative images taken from the COCO dataset.

This dataset is linked to a related publication, as well as to a thesis - it formed the basis of a chapter of the thesis.
Date made available17 Nov 2020
PublisherQueen's University Belfast

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