Solvation and structure of iron oxide in a choline chloride/oxalic acid deep eutectic solvent



Datasets from SANDALS, RB1620018

Abstract: We aim to investigate the solvation of iron oxide and zinc oxide in an environmentally friendly deep eutectic solvent system in order to understand how to engineer these new solvents to selectively recover valuable components from waste sources such as red-mud, the residue left from aluminum production.

Public release date: 25 March 2020

Principal Investigator: Professor John Holbrey
Local Contact: Dr Silvia Imberti

Experimenter: Mr Mark Gilmore

Experimenter: Dr Leila Moura

Experimenter: Dr Gosia Swadzba-Kwasny

Local Contact: Dr Sam Callear

DOI: 10.5286/ISIS.E.85258404

Parent DOI: 10.5286/ISIS.E.RB1620018

ISIS Experiment Number: RB1620018

Part Number: 3

Date of Experiment: 24 March 2017

Publisher: STFC ISIS Neutron and Muon Source

Data format: RAW/Nexus
Date made available2020
PublisherSTFC ISIS
Date of data production2017

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