Son Zept - Q2B EP

  • Liam McCartan (Creator)



Music album by Son Zept (Liam McCartan) entitled Q2B EP.

Q2B EP is the debut release from composer and artist and RESIST resident DJ, Son Zept. Son Zept’s music covers electronic genre deconstruction, power-ambient, IDM and electroacoustic sensibilities. Or as he says "call it whatever the hell you want to call it because I can't decide." His debut Q2B EP is a 40-minute exploration of musical and sonic aspects found in techno, noise, footwork, trance, power-ambient, and industrial.

released October 19, 2018

Written and produced by Liam McCartan. Release by RESIST, 2018. Artwork by Kristian Glenn.
Date made available2022
PublisherQueen's University Belfast
Date of data production2018 -

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