TarxienCore Maltese temples alignment data and raw code

  • Robert Barratt (Creator)



Script and data associated with the TarxienCore project.

TarxienCore is a unity3D script that is used to calculate the position of astronomical bodies and identify alignments with archaeological sites. The script is based on calculations by Meeus', contained in his work Astronomical Algoriths (1987).

Within these folder the following data can be found:

Alignment Data.ZIP - this folder contains the raw data associated with the astronomical alignments of Neolithic Malta. For each Maltese temples, the alignments with cosmological bodies is presented for every 300 years between 3600 BC and 2100 BC. The data can be used to identify patterns of alignment.

TarxienCore.cs - the raw code used for the TarxienCore project. The code positions astronomical bodies based on the date inputted, and records when an alignmnent occurs within a 3D model of the archaeological site. For more information on application of the software, please contact the author directly.

The dataset connects to the raw files held in Github. These won't be open until after 31 July 2023. Visibility settings in Github will connect to a 404 error message until then
Date made available2021
PublisherQueen's University Belfast
Date of data productionSep 2018 - May 2021

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