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Helen Noble (Participant)

Impact: Public Service Impact

StepSmart Youth Advisory Panel

Paul Best (Participant)

Impact: Health Impact

Improved management of airway disorders in children

Liam Heaney (Participant), Ian Cadden (Participant), Mike Shields (Participant), Madeleine Ennis (Participant), Bettina Schock (Participant), Vanessa Brown (Participant), Michael Ryan (Participant), Dennis Carson (Participant) & Timothy Warke (Participant)

Impact: Health Impact, Quality of Life Impact

Improving outcomes for looked-after children in Northern Ireland

John Pinkerton (Participant), Dominic McSherry (Participant), Kerrylee Weatherall (Participant), Stanislowa Iwaniec (Participant) & Emma Larkin (Participant)

Impact: Societial Impact, Public Policy Impact

Exhibition and Performance Victoria and Albert Museum

Maruska Svasek (Participant)

Impact: Societial Impact, Cultural Impact

Transforming the Musicality of Young Players

Piers Hellawell (Participant)

Impact: Cultural Impact, Societial Impact

Workshop The Meaning of Clothes

Maruska Svasek (Participant)

Impact: Societial Impact

Sonic Art for Public Ears - Enabling Children as Designers

Franziska Schroeder (Participant)

Impact: Societial Impact, Cultural Impact

Irish Sex Work Research Network

Graham Ellison (Participant)

Impact: Cultural Impact, Health Impact, Public Policy Impact, Societial Impact, Other Impact


Julian Warner (Participant)

Impact: Societial Impact

Addressing the Past: History, Film and Public Memory

Fearghal McGarry (Participant)

Impact: Cultural Impact, Societial Impact

Treatment Systems for Safer Drinking Water

Debra Phillips (Participant)

Impact: Health Impact, Environmental Impact, Quality of Life Impact, Economic Impact

The World's Largest Practical Science Lesson

Panagiotis Manesiotis (Participant)

Impact: Societial Impact, Cultural Impact

Davenant's Macbeth at the Folger Theatre

Claude Fretz (Participant)

Impact: Cultural Impact, Economic Impact

Reducing transport of radionuclides into the environment

Debra Phillips (Participant)

Impact: Environmental Impact, Health Impact

The Rule of the Land: Politics, Landscape and Identity on Ireland’s Border

Garrett Carr (Participant)

Impact: Cultural Impact, Societial Impact, Other Impact

Engaging the Public in Science and Increasing Awareness of Physics and Astronomy

Alan Fitzsimmons (Participant), Samuel Duddy (Participant), Henry Hsieh (Participant), Stephen Smartt (Participant), Stephen Lowry (Participant), Heather Cegla (Participant), Sergiy Shelyag (Participant), Victoria Moulds (Participant), Michail Mathioudakis (Participant), Don Pollacco (Participant), John Burton (Participant) & Christopher Watson (Participant)

Impact: Societial Impact

Efficiency Study of Irish Credit Unions 2012

Barry Quinn (Participant) & Donal McKillop (Participant)

Impact: Public Policy Impact, Economic Impact, Societial Impact

Shared Education: Building Positive Intergroup Relations in Divided Societies

Tony Gallagher (Participant), Joanne Hughes (Participant), Karen Carlisle (Participant) & Caitlin Donnelly (Participant)

Impact: Public Policy Impact, Societial Impact

Leadership Institute Capital Markets Course for Axiom Law

Barry Quinn (Participant), Donal McKillop (Participant) & Fotis Papailias (Participant)


Restoration Shakespeare

Richard Schoch (Participant)

Impact: Cultural Impact

Measure & Dido

Richard Schoch (Participant)

Impact: Cultural Impact

Making a Difference to Children's Learning in Schools: Learning to Think and Learning Through Play

Carol McGuinness (Participant), Noel Sheehy (Participant), Angela Eakin (Participant), Karen Trew (Participant) & Elizabeth Sproule (Participant)

Impact: Public Policy Impact

Reducing the risks of aquatic invasive alien species

Christine Maggs (Participant), Jaimie Thomas Allan Dick (Participant), Jim Provan (Participant), Ian Montgomery (Participant), R A McDonald (Participant), Frederic Mineur (Participant) & Mark Johnson (Participant)

Impact: Environmental Impact, Economic Impact

BC researchers studying benefits of early help for children with autism

Amy Tanner (Participant) & Katerina Dounavi (Participant)

Impact: Public Policy Impact, Quality of Life Impact

How the UK election may destabilise Northern Ireland

Yvonne Galligan (Participant)

Impact: Public Policy Impact, Societial Impact

Coupled Analysis and Design of Offshore Wind Turbines

Madjid Karimirad (Participant), Heidi Brede (Participant) & Abdolmajid Moghtadaei (Participant)

Impact: Economic Impact, Environmental Impact

Improving the Psychological Wellbeing of Captive Animals

Deborah Wells (Participant) & Peter Hepper (Participant)

Impact: Quality of Life Impact, Public Policy Impact

Seagate Technology R&D Investment Strategy

Alina Schilling (Participant), Robert Bowman (Participant), Marty Gregg (Participant), Paul Evans (Participant), Xinhua Zhu (Participant), John McPhillips (Participant), Robert Pollard (Participant), Ronald Atkinson (Participant), William Hendren (Participant), Gregory Wurtz (Participant), Wayne Dickson (Participant) & Anatoly Zayats (Participant)

Impact: Economic Impact

‘Cohesive Paste™’: A Product with Enhanced Comfort and Skin Protection for Stoma Patients

David Jones (Participant)

Impact: Quality of Life Impact, Economic Impact, Health Impact

Conservation of Maerl (Calcareous red seaweed) in Europe

Daryl Birkett (Participant), Christine Maggs (Participant), Matthew Dring (Participant), Charmaine Blake (Participant), Sian Wilson (Participant), Paula Reimer (Participant) & Mark Johnson (Participant)

Impact: Public Policy Impact, Environmental Impact

Influencing Policy on Young Witnesses in Criminal Proceedings

David Hayes (Participant), Lisa Bunting (Participant), Trevor Spratt (Participant), Anne Lazenbatt (Participant), Nicola Carr (Participant) & Joe Duffy (Participant)

Impact: Public Policy Impact, Societial Impact

Information Revolutions

Michael Aldous (Participant)

Impact: Economic Impact

NVTV interview - Behind the Science

Caroline Malone (Participant)

Impact: Cultural Impact