Changing the International Criteria for the Diagnosis of Diabetes in Pregnancy

  • David McCance (Participant)
  • Terence Lappin (Participant)
  • H Halliday (Participant)
  • Trimble, Elizabeth (Participant)
  • B Sheridan (Participant)

Impact: Health Impact


New criteria for the diagnosis of diabetes in pregnancy have been developed by the International Association of Diabetes in Pregnancy Study Groups and adopted by the American Diabetes Association on the basis of the Hyperglycaemia and Pregnancy Outcomes (HAPO) study. These new criteria double the percentage of women diagnosed with diabetes in pregnancy from approximately 8.5% to 17%. Appropriate management improves outcomes for them and their new born children. The results, which proved valid for all ethnic groups and countries, have led to a worldwide re-appraisal of glycaemic risk in pregnancy and the introduction of new guidelines to manage this.
Impact statusOngoing
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