Co-author of 4* Impact Case Study for REF 2021

Impact: Public Policy Impact

Description of impact

Working together with QUB Law professors, Kieran McEvoy and Louise Mallinder and colleagues in the Committee on the Administration of Justice, what became known as "The Model Bill Team" developed detailed human rights compliant draft legislation for the implementation of the legacy aspects of the 2014 Stormont House Agreement. I led on the proposals concerning oral history and memorialisation. The legal and political complexities involved were discussed at over 30 bilateral meetings with the UK government legislation drafting team, their Irish counterparts, and politicians from across the political spectrum. We also organised 20 public seminars and 6 conferences; made all project reports freely available online (; and engaged extensively in media work. Our Impact Case Study details numerous ways in which our research informed and shaped the public conversation on legacy issues with both civic society and political and policy circles. The UN Special Rapporteur on Transitional Justice also attested to the international impact of this programme of work.

Who is affected

Victims and survivors of conflict, politicians, policymakers, broader civic society
Impact statusCompleted
Impact dateJan 2015Dec 2021
Category of impactPublic Policy Impact
Impact levelEngagement