Cogs In The Machine Of Empire: A Journey Through Shigeru’s Pictorial Imagination

Impact: Cultural Impact

Description of impact

An online exhibition

Who is affected

Anybody interested in arts and representation of empire, especially the Japanese empire between the wars.


This online exhibition features the work of ‘Shigeru’, one of the legions of Japanese who worked as civilians in lands that formed part of the Japanese Empire in the period 1868-1947. The rich imagery of his carnet croquis, or commonplace book, filled with pen-and-ink drawings on which this exhibition selectively draws, depicts the ambivalences of expatriate life, giving an unusual perspective on Japanese imperialism in contrast to the almost ubiquitous military and official records available.
Impact statusOngoing
Impact dateJan 2022
Category of impactCultural Impact
Impact levelEngagement


  • Japan
  • imperialism
  • art