Competing Imperialisms in Northeast Asia, 1894-1953: interconnections and Resistance

Impact: Cultural Impact

Description of impact

The exposition was seen by hundreds of people, students, staff and other visitors to McClay library. The timing and location was particularly conductive to the wider dissemination of the project's themes as it was situated at the entrance to the library with many fresh undergraduates visiting it for their first time. The exhibition will be transfered on a mediatool as to become a permanent digital exhibition available online.

Who is affected

Academic staff, students and visitors of the McClay library.


In concomitance with the CIRN2 conference, the McClay Library at Queen's University hosted a related exhibition for three weeks. The exhibition was curated by the PI and a research assistant. It was based on original publications belonging to the private collections of two participants, Prof. Peter O'Connor and Prof. Peter Robinson. The exhibition was organised around three main themes, bringing together historical narratives on Northeast Asia in the first half of the 20th century.

The exhibition's themes were organise in the following order:
1.The Times (of London) Japanese and Russia Supplements from the 1910s;
2. Manchuria: contested territory between China, Russia and Japan;
3. The old and new competing imperialisms in Northeast Asia, 1894-1953.
Impact statusCompleted
Impact date01 Sept 201914 Oct 2019
Category of impactCultural Impact
Impact levelEngagement


  • imperialism
  • Northeast Asia
  • China
  • Japan
  • Korea