Concert at Berlin Improvisation Research Group (BIRG)

Impact: Cultural Impact, Cultural Impact

Description of impact

Public Concert as part of Berlin's major Improvisation research group.

Who is affected

Benefit to the international improvisation research community. Benefit on my own research in this area.


The Berlin Improvisation Research Group (BIRG) is a communication platform for musical improvisation researchers. It was founded in 2011 and is based in Berlin.
BIRG is interdisciplinary in nature — while its focus is the field of music, the group is open to other art forms and discourses. Its diverse membership includes musicologists, practicing musicians, sound artists, sociologists, pedagogues, and curators.
Being invited to perform as part of BIRG will lend visibility to my own, as well as the practice research carried out at Queen's University.

Specifically, this is the culmination event of a 2016 Berlin appearance where I launched my 2014 book on Improvisation 'Soundweaving..." (at the Exploratorium Berlin). The event impacted greatly on my practice research on an international scene. The performance location (Kühlspot) attracts many international artists and listeners.
Impact statusOngoing
Impact date29 Jan 2016
Category of impactCultural Impact, Cultural Impact
Impact levelEngagement


  • international performance
  • improvisation research