Development and Commercialization of a Technology Platform to Enable Biomarker Discovery and Validation

  • Kennedy, Richard (Participant)
  • Denis Harkin (Participant)
  • Patrick Johnston (Participant)
  • Alison Hosey (Participant)
  • Julia Miskelly (Participant)
  • Margaret Murray (Participant)
  • Jennifer Quinn (Participant)
  • Colin James (Participant)
  • Jude Mulligan (Participant)
  • Peter Daly (Participant)
  • Mullan, Paul (Participant)
  • Julie Mussen (Participant)
  • Ultan McDermott (Participant)
  • Richard Wilson (Participant)
  • Longley, Daniel (Participant)

Impact: Health Impact, Quality of Life Impact


Research at Queen’s University Belfast has led to the successful development and commercialization of a DNA chip technology platform that facilitates the rapid discovery and validation of new diagnostic tests in cancer. A spin out company has been established called Almac Diagnostics that currently employs 85 staff, thereby significantly contributing to the knowledge based economy in Northern Ireland. Almac has used this technology to develop and validate a number of genomic tests that have been successfully licensed to established US based diagnostic companies, thereby securing long term revenue streams. Almac is now recognised internationally as a worldwide industry leader in this area.
Impact statusOngoing
Category of impactHealth Impact, Quality of Life Impact