Dr Dounavi invited by the United Arab Emirates National Qualifications Authority to act as expert Validator of National Occupational Standards and qualification developed for Special and Inclusive Education Teacher Standards for the UAE


Description of impact

Validation is the confirmation through the provision of objective evidence that National Occupational Standards (NOS) and/or a resultant qualification are appropriate for the attainment of knowledge, skills and competences for a given occupation.
The NQA seeks experts who can validate that the NOS and/or qualification developed for a particular occupation:
1. are fit-for-purpose (appropriate and at the standard necessary for learners/candidates to attain the knowledge, skills and competencies)
2. meet the present and future needs of industry and employees (at least for three years)
3. are ready to be submitted to VETAC for endorsement.
Dr Dounavi has been invited to act as an expert validator of the standards adopted by professionals practising in the field of Special and Inclusive Education.

Who is affected

Professionals working in the field of Special and Inclusive Education and service recipients.
Impact statusCompleted
Impact dateFeb 2019
Impact levelAdoption