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  • Michaela Fox (Participant)

Impact: Societial Impact

Description of impact

Over 18,000 participants from across the globe have participated in education programmes delivered by Queen's University EIT Food Education Programmes. These learners have been equipped with the latest knowledge and skills of the food system and technologies; helping to contribute to the Farm to Fork strategy goals and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Who is affected

Queen's University Belfast Students. Citizens across the globe. Small-medium enterprises. Entrepreneurs. Food Industry.


EIT Food Education Programmes within Queen's University, Belfast provides ’food system‘ skills for students, entrepreneurs and (SME) professionals addressing specific skill gaps through advanced training programmes. Individual knowledge gaps which must be filled to support public understanding of food system issues are addressed at scale through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

QUB have worked with EIT Food partners from industry and science to create a vibrant cross-sector educational platform for students, young entrepreneurs and lifelong learners with career development modules for business employees and educators.
Impact statusCompleted
Impact dateJan 2019Dec 2020
Category of impactSocietial Impact
Impact levelEngagement