Efficiency Study of Irish Credit Unions 2012

Impact: Public Policy Impact, Economic Impact, Societial Impact

Description of impact

The Commission on Credit Unions was established by Government on 31 May 2011 in accordance with the Programme for National Government 2011-2016 to; Review the future of the Credit Union movement in Ireland; and Make recommendations in relation to the most effective regulatory structure for credit unions taking into account their not-for-profit mandate, their volunteer ethos, and community focus while paying due regard to the need to fully protect depositors’ savings and financial stability. The Commission issued an interim report in September 2011 and it presented its final report to the Minister for Finance on 31 March 2012.

Who is affected

General population of Ireland.


Irish credit union membership (66% if general population).
Impact statusCompleted
Impact dateMar 2012
Category of impactPublic Policy Impact, Economic Impact, Societial Impact
Impact levelAdoption