EU Social and Labour Rights and Internal Market Law

Impact: Public Policy Impact

Description of impact

A study requested by the European Parliament's EMPL Committee. This research study developed the perceived tension between Social and Labour Rights and Internal Market Law, evaluated responses by social actors in four Member States and at EU level and suggested an alternative perspective under the notion of the constitutionally embedded Internal Market,

Who is affected

socio-economic actors at national level (management and labour, industry, municipalities) and at EU level (European Parliament, EU Commission, EU social partners)


The study developed policy suggestions in relation to posted workers as well as the claims to social benefits by EU mobile citizens. These are fields in which the current EU Commission plans legislative and policy proposals, notably as a "mobility package". As a consequence, the presentation of the study in the EP has already been of interest to policy makers, evidenced by invitations to a seminar by the S & D group in the EU, to an ETUI academic conference and a closed workshop staged by the Dutch Council Presidency. As a reaction to the study, further investigations were launched. The current legislative proposal by the EU Commission on posted workers takes up the demand to equalise the status of agency workers and posted workers. 
Impact statusOngoing
Category of impactPublic Policy Impact
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