First Ionic Liquid Mercury Adsorbent - HycaPure Hg

Impact: Environmental Impact

Description of impact

Petronas developed first ever ionic liquids based mercury adsorbent to remove elemental mercury from natural gas feeds in petrochemical industries

Who is affected

Petrochemical industries, environmental agencies and organisation, public


Efficient scrubbing of mercury vapour from natural gas streams has been demonstrated both in the laboratory and on an industrial scale, using chlorocuprate(II) ionic liquids impregnated on high surface area porous solid supports, resulting in the effective removal of mercury vapour from natural gas streams. This material has been commercialised for use within the petroleum gas production industry, and has currently been running continuously for three years on a natural gas plant in Malaysia. Here we report on the chemistry underlying this process, and demonstrate the transfer of this technology from gram to ton scale.
Impact statusCompleted
Impact date27 Feb 2015
Category of impactEnvironmental Impact
Impact levelBenefit