Improved management of airway disorders in children

  • Heaney, Liam (Participant)
  • Ian Cadden (Participant)
  • Michael Shields (Participant)
  • Madeleine Ennis (Participant)
  • Schock, Bettina (Participant)
  • Vanessa Brown (Participant)
  • Michael Ryan (Participant)
  • Dennis Carson (Participant)
  • Timothy Warke (Participant)

Impact: Health Impact, Quality of Life Impact


Research led by Professor Shields and colleagues at Queen’s University Belfast has resulted in changes in the treatment of children with cough and wheezing disorders and has been a major contributor to International Asthma and Cough Guideline statements. Wheezing affects up to one third of children. Research studies that demonstrated that viral induced wheezing (VIW) or isolated cough were not associated with persistent airway inflammation led to a change in recommendations for anti-asthma therapy, such that the use of high dose inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) was no longer recommended in such cases. Furthermore, the dangers of very high dose ICS were better recognized and the upper recommended dose of steroids for use in treatment of classical childhood asthma was reduced accordingly.
Impact statusOngoing
Category of impactHealth Impact, Quality of Life Impact