Listen. Make. Amplify: channelling local stories and projecting them nationally

  • Don Duncan (Participant)

Impact: Cultural Impact, Economic Impact, Environmental Impact, Public Policy Impact, Quality of Life Impact

Description of impact

"Listen. Make. Amplify” is an extra-curricular project that I am running with my module BCP7002 The Radio Documentary. The project has two main components:

1) Listening: Based on competitive pitches from the students, four documentary projects from BCP7002 The Radio Documentary will be chosen from the cohort. Each of the four documentary teams will organise focus-group “listening groups” with three stake holders: a) regular citizens b) media professionals and c) policy makers. These three focus group sessions will happen when each documentary is in an advanced draft stage but still capable of taking on that focus group feedback so as to make the documentary more effective and more reflective of the realities on the ground. Participating students will be shown how to structure and run focus group discussions and how to collate and integrate findings from them.

2) Amplifying: This part of the project will occur once the documentary is completed. It will involve students devising an impact plan for their documentary: mapping out possible places for broadcast, exhibition and publishing. Students will be coached in dissemination strategies (by me and guest speakers) in preparation for this stage. I will also undertake scoping missions to Dublin and London to meet with possible broadcasting partners/platforms so as to lay the ground for the participating students. They will then contact, meet with and endeavour to get their documentaries out to audiences beyond QUB, via mass media; new media and festivals.

Who is affected

Students; members of the public; stakeholders in environmental policy making; broadcasters; podcasters; future students in BCP7002 The Radio Documentary
Impact statusOngoing
Impact date31 Jan 200131 Oct 2001
Category of impactCultural Impact, Economic Impact, Environmental Impact, Public Policy Impact, Quality of Life Impact
Impact levelEngagement


  • Green Fund
  • environment
  • podcasting
  • documentary
  • radio
  • BBC
  • RTE