Making a Difference to Children's Learning in Schools: Learning to Think and Learning Through Play

  • McGuinness, Carol (Participant)
  • Noel Sheehy (Participant)
  • Angela Eakin (Participant)
  • Karen Trew (Participant)
  • Elizabeth Sproule (Participant)

Impact: Public Policy Impact


Research conducted at Queen’s has shaped significant changes to the revised Northern Ireland Curriculum which became statutory in 2007. There are two main research areas that led to these changes: teaching children to think across the curriculum, which has affected, and will continue to affect, the experiences of all children between 4-14 years in Northern Ireland schools (estimated 230,000 children annually); and a play-based early years curriculum, which affects all children between 4-6 years (estimated 48,000 children annually). The research on teaching thinking continues to influence curriculum developments elsewhere in the UK, specifically Wales and Scotland, as well as internationally, including the Republic of Ireland and Thailand. The research has even wider reach through current advisory work with the International Baccalaureate Organisation. The play-based learning research has specifically influenced policy and the professional development of teachers in the Republic of Ireland.
Impact statusOngoing
Category of impactPublic Policy Impact