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Featured as Queen's Impact Case Study.

Through an imaginative concept known as Distributed Performance, we have developed a dynamic international collaboration and a new way of bringing music to audiences, another achievement in innovation for the Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC).

At the heart of the research project are multi-site concerts involving performers at SARC and in other parts of the world – including Stanford University in California, the University of São Paulo in Brazil, New York University and the Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics at Graz in Austria, amongst many others.

A Follow on Impact Fund, awarded by the AHRC (2015 - 2017), allowed us to expand the concept of 'Distributed' Performances/Listening and a mobile app called LiveSHOUT was developed. Both iPhone and Android versions are available.

All documentation for the "Distributed Listening" Project are available on:

This "Distributed Listening" project was designed in collaboration with 2 theatre companies to engage participants outside of the academic research community.
Two theatre companies identified a specific need of engaging young people in listening and in discovering the role of sound in everyday life. The proposal was developed according to those needs and brings a research component (distributed listening) into a portable form in the shape of a newly custom-designed app for mobile devices.

In 2016 we collaborated with the Lyric Theatre in Belfast and young adults aged between 16 and 25. We will also worked with 42nd Street, a young people’s mental health charity in Manchester, committed to supporting young people under stress.

This project is concerned with socially engaged arts, a form of active citizenship, commissioned to effect social change. At the heart of our project are the participants who will, under the guidance of professional theatre facilitators, developed a piece of creative work based on “distributed listening”.
Results from the work are: research papers, keynote talks, workshops and global performances.
Impact statusOngoing
Impact date01 Sep 200701 Sep 2016
Category of impactSocietial Impact, Cultural Impact
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  • distributed listening
  • mental health
  • soially engaged
  • network music