Public Workshop on Restoration adaptations of Shakespeare's Tempest

  • Claude Fretz (Participant)

Impact: Cultural Impact

Description of impact

Attended by over 100 members of the public. Audience survey and interviews pointed to changing perceptions of Restoration Shakespeare as a direct result of this event: 76% of respondents felt encouraged to go find out more about Restoration Shakespeare ‒ this included intentions such as watching a Restoration play and studying Restoration theatre at postgraduate level ‒ and 92% stated that they had learnt something new about Shakespeare’s performance history

Who is affected

Performing artists, musicians, general public


Scholar-artist workshop on Restoration versions of The Tempest. Investigated how Restoration Shakespeare can be performed today in a way that understands the historical context of this distinctive performance genre.
Impact statusOngoing
Impact dateJul 2017
Category of impactCultural Impact


  • Shakespeare
  • Restoration
  • The Tempest
  • Performance