Reducing the risks of aquatic invasive alien species

  • Christine Maggs (Participant)
  • Dick, Jaimie Thomas Allan (Participant)
  • Jim Provan (Participant)
  • William Montgomery (Participant)
  • R A McDonald (Participant)
  • Frederic Mineur (Participant)
  • Mark Johnson (Participant)

Impact: Environmental Impact, Economic Impact


Irish, UK and European policy and legislation intended to mitigate the ecological damage and economic costs of invasive alien species (IAS) has been influenced by our inter-governmental Invasive Species Ireland project. Legislation was enacted through the Wildlife Order (NI) 1985 (as amended) and the EC (Birds and Natural Habitats) Regulations 2010. Our assessments on the ‘Killer Shrimp’ Dikerogammarus villosus contributed to the EU strategy on IAS. Our Controlling Invasive Riparian Species project removed invasive plants from over 600 km of riverbank in Ireland and Scotland, restoring native biodiversity, and is cited as a best practice case study in the IAS Strategy for Northern Ireland.
Impact statusOngoing
Category of impactEnvironmental Impact, Economic Impact