Sri Lanka Essential Health Services Package 2019 [Ministry of Health and Indigenous Medical Services - Sri Lanka]

Impact: Health Impact, Public Service Impact

Description of impact

I, Dr. Mapa Prabhath Piyasena have contributed in developing and reviewing the Sri Lanka Essential Service Package (SLESP) draft under the guidance of the Director - Policy Analysis and Development; on especially linking the "Eye Care Health Services" through a life course approach.

Who is affected

Directorates, Programmes and Units of the Ministry of Health Sri Lanka.


The Ministry of Health and Indigenous Medical Services of Sri Lanka is adopting the Sri Lanka Essential Service Package (SLESP) as a tool for achieving effective Universal Health Coverage. The SLESP is intended as a planning instrument to improve equity, efficiency and effectiveness. This was the first attempt to compile a comprehensive SLESP for Sri Lanka, which lists out curative services as well as preventive services that should be available to all Sri Lankans" (Reference: SLESP 2019)
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Category of impactHealth Impact, Public Service Impact
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