The UK Landscape in Artificial Intelligence and Brain-Inspired Computing Hardware:the potential for establishing a new Centre of Excellence


Description of impact

Responsible for the creation of a report by two external experts outlining the case for establishing a new Centre of Excellence in brain-Inspired computing which has became part of the UKRI's strategic ask of government

Who is affected

UK academic research community


The world we live and work in is changing rapidly, with our daily lives more digitally enhanced and online-dependent than ever. This change has been made possible by the steady progress made in computing technologies. While appropriate new artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms have emerged, operating these algorithms is pushing current technology to its limit. The current systems do not possess the capability that is imminently needed. The demands of AI neural networks, and of deep learning techniques that require thousands of petaflop-days to train, represent enormous challenges for computing technologies; as well as placing an unprecedented strain on energy consumption, and increasing carbon dioxide emissions.

To enable an initiative on the necessary scale, this report recommends the establishment in the UK of a novel interdisciplinary
centre of excellence for AI technologies and neuromorphic (or ‘brain-inspired’) computing. It was compiled as the
Impact statusCompleted