Description of impact

60 children learnt about similarities and differences between human beings, developing curiosity and empathy for others in the classroom and more generally in different societies. They also learnt about the personal meaning of objects they and their classmates brought in, including artefacts from deceased relatives handed down generations. Furthermore, they gained an understanding in the meaning of heritage and heritage conservation.

Who is affected

Secondary school children at the Chestnut Grove Academy, London


The workshops were part of a Heritage-Lottery funded project organised by The Kala Chethena Kathakali Company,

‘The project investigates how clothing and living traditions travel when people migrate and take their culture with them. Working with heritage experts we want to transfer our skills in costume conservation, provide learning opportunities enabling a wide range of people to engage with heritage in an exciting way, then share what they learn through a portable display of Kathakali costumes and activities. The project extends our usual work into new areas of conservation to release the remarkable history preserved in the costumes, make heritage more relevant and accessible, raise awareness of the role theatrical costumes and clothing play in retaining our history, our identity and defining how our heritage is understood, represented and celebrated.’

Impact statusCompleted
Impact date13 Mar 2019
Impact levelEngagement