Research Output


Solar trough frame, part and method

Werner, C., Werner, K. J. & Funai, J., 04 Mar 2010, Patent No. US8887470B2, 26 Aug 2009

Research output: Patent

Open Access

Method and Apparatus for Sensing and Displaying Tablature Associated with a Stringed Musical Instrument

Knapp, B., Daniell, H. J., Robert, M. & Kevin, M., Nov 2008, Patent No. 7,446,253

Research output: Patent


Creation and display of haptic content for audio & video presentations

O'Modhrain, S., Apr 2004, Patent No. US60/559,362

Research output: Patent

Location awareness device with temporal and spatial resolution coupled with haptic feedback

O'Modhrain, S., May 2004, Patent No. US60/568,593

Research output: Patent

Particle Based Touch Interaction for Creation of Media Streams Patent Pending

O'Modhrain, S., Aug 2004, Patent No. US60/603,022

Research output: Patent


Method and Apparatus for Creating Decorrelated Audio Output Signals and Audio Recordings Made Thereby

Wilde, M. D., Martens, W. L. & Kendall, G., 1993, Patent No. 5,235,646

Research output: Patent


Apparatus and Method for Controlling the Magnitude Spectrum of Acoustically Combined Signals

Kendall, G., Wilde, M. D. & Martens, W. L., 1992, Patent No. 5,121,433

Research output: Patent


Spatial Reverberator

Kendall, G. & Martens, W. L., 1984, Patent No. 4,731,848

Research output: Patent